Stonewear Designs: Our Clothes are Made in the USA

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Stonewear Designs: Our Clothes are Made in the USA

By Cassie Strid, Marketing and Production Coordinator

Stonewear Designs is proud to support American jobs by making our clothes in the United States. We’ve partnered with the same factories for many years and continue to maintain strong relationships with them. After visiting the factories for the first time in Los Angeles, Calif., I was assured that our products are indeed supporting Americans and our economy here at home. This is something that our company strongly values, and that we will continue to support. In addition to our devotion to creating and supporting jobs at home, we also take pride in the fact that American production means there is less of an impact on the environment: products that are made and sold in the USA don’t have to travel as far. We make our clothes here, and do our best to purchase our supplies, trims, and other materials from American companies whenever possible. We believe in operating as locally as possible.  Stonewear Designs thrives on meeting the needs of our customers by bringing them the highest quality product available.

Below, you can see photos from a Stonewear Designs production day in an American factory.


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