Talking Self-Esteem and #LoveThyself: Dana the Climber

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Dana Waggener Stonewear Designs
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For the next few weeks, we’re talking about how to #lovethyself. We asked our blog contributors and ambassadors to talk about themselves in positive ways and to share their self-love tips.

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Dana, our sales gal, is a kick-butt rock climber:

I love my arms, shoulders, and back.

I’ve been climbing for several years and worked really hard to strengthen this part of my body. Even though I love how strong my body feels, especially my upper body, I still get self-conscious sometimes about my muscle tone–it’s usually the first thing people notice about me and they usually say something like “Girl! You’ve got muscles!” I usually blush and say a polite “Thank you.”

With time, I’ve learned to be proud of and celebrate my strong upper body, because it is something to celebrate–I’ve worked hard and dedicated a lot of time to climbing and my body has responded to the work by allowing me to feel (and of course, look) strong! Plus, it’s kind of cool to get looks of shock from the meat-head lifters at the gym when I start doing pull-ups on the pull-up bar. 😉


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