The Impossible is Actually Very Possible

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Running My First Half Marathon, by Cassie Strid Anne and Cassie running the Colfax Half Marathon
Anne and Cassie running the Colfax Half Marathon. Anne is in the double cross top and Cassie is wearing the Liberty Capri and the Felicity Tunic. Go ladies!

I used to think running more than 5 miles was impossible. So, this spring I decided to set myself up for a challenge and run a half marathon (13.12 miles). In February I began training with another Stonewear Designs employee. We started running in the freezing cold, and every weekend we ran one mile more. After completing my first 6-mile run, I realized I could actually accomplish this goal. And that, I believed, would start my running career. I buckled down and signed up for the Colfax Half Marathon.

During my training I never ran more than 10 miles, so I had to convince myself that running 13.12 miles would be just like running 10. I later realized that, thanks to my body’s magical endorphins, running 10 almost feels like running 6, so 13.12 would be no problem.

The week before the race I literally had nightmares every night. Races always make me nervous, but this wasn’t a 5K (a half hour of running); this was going to be 2.5 hours of running!  Luckily the race started at 6am, so there wasn’t much time to find an excuse to not show up. My nerves surprisingly started to mellow out when I saw over 10,000 people at the race in Denver’s beautiful City Park. I also finally realized that I had trained for three months. If I could run 10 miles, I could run 13.12. Besides, I knew I wasn’t going to win, and I wasn’t going to lose, so what was the difference?

My body ached for me to stop during the race, but it turned out to be a nice, casual jog with my friend Ann! We ran the entire way together (well, except for the last minute when she finally sprinted past me). The last two miles were definitely the hardest. I remember thinking, “Is there even a finish line?” But then, after seeing our fan club off to the side (other Stonewear Designs employees) taking pictures and yelling funny things, our spirits were lifted and finishing the race just got easier.

We finished in 2:21, running 10.5 minute miles the entire way. It felt like a huge accomplishment considering it was my first half marathon and the first time I had ever run more than 10 miles. At least I can say we didn’t come in last. Then, of course after finishing the race, I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I remember saying… “That was actually a lot of fun; I’m looking forward to the next one!” I’m going to do just that… Bolder Boulder next weekend and Moab Half Marathon in September! Who knows, maybe a marathon will be in the playing cards soon.



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