The Most Comfortable Pants: Swoon-Worthy

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The Most Comfortable Pants: Swoon-Worthy

A Review of the Breathe Pant

By Lizzy Scully

I’m picky about my pants. And when I find a style I like, I buy four or five pairs and wear them every day. This year, I’m making more room in my closet for the Breathe Pant.

A few months ago, I wrote an email to the woman who was the brains behind this pant.

“I LOVE the Breathe Pant! They are now my favorite pants. The material and fit are both awesome. I’m wearing them every day. Nice job!” I told her.

A woman of few, yet strategic, words, her response was: “Swoon.”

Exactly. Swoon. Sigh. Breathe. That’s how I feel about the Breathe Pant. It’s pretty near perfect.

I want a pant that’s not bulky at the waist, that’s fitted around my bum and thighs, but not

yoga pants for women
Breathing in the Breathe

suction cup tight, and I want a flattering cut. For me, flattering cut means it doesn’t bunch up anywhere, it’s not too tight at the thighs and then too loose at the calves, I don’t have to suck my belly in or jump up and down to pull the waist up, and it’s not too tight at the crotch, yet it doesn’t sag either.

My go-to pant for many years has been Stonewear’s Rockin’, which I still love and wear alternately now with the Breathe Pant. But where the Rockin’ Pants are more fitted and made with burlier material, ideal for long rock climbing and hiking days, the Breathe Pant (made with 89% polyester/11% spandex) are soft, stretchy, supple, and flow when I move, perfect for NIA, yoga, working out in the gym, and just wearing, every day. In fact, they feel a bit like Palazzo Pants… the kind that famous yoga teacher Shiva Rae wears at the Yoga Journal Conference. Yet the Breathe Pants’ cuffs are not so wide that you trip on them, and you could actually run or do pretty much any sport in them if you wanted to (unlike the Palazzo). But, the idea is the same. They feel amazing on.

Typically my favorite pants are low rise, as I don’t like to feel restricted around the waist. The Breathe is a mid-rise. So I was a bit skeptical when I first saw them. However, there’s no bulk around the waist with these pants. They have a “double-stitched, comfy-wide waistband” (with a media pocket). Plus, to be totally honest, I’ve gained a bit of weight since hitting my 40s. It’s not much, but I’m not as trim as I used to be. And while there is no control top on the Breathe, the cut is so flattering that I feel sexy in these pants despite the added pounds. I’m leaving my low-risers for fitter days.

The pant comes in three colors—Blue Shadow, Black, and Spiced Plum, and it costs an affordable $68.00. I am totally biased, I admit. I love Stonewear Design’s clothes, and I have for the decade that I have been wearing them. I love them because they last forever, they are stylish, they look good on women of all shapes and sizes, and they are actually made really well and constructed in America. The seams don’t give out, even after years of use. And, the clothes are incredibly comfortable. The only thing Stonewear has been missing all these years is the perfect yoga pant. The Meridian Capri came close to being the ideal pant, but it’s a capri, so only good for a few seasons. The Breathe Pant rounds out the full pant collection.










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