The Most Comfy Yoga Tights Ever?

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The Most Comfy Yoga Tights Ever?
Georgie Abel Stonewear Transit Yoga Tights
Ambassador Georgie Abel puts the Transit Yoga Tights through their paces
The search for the most comfy yoga tights ever

We are all searching for that comfortable, all day yoga tight. The problem is, we seldom find it. Some yoga tights are great for being active, but not comfortable enough to wear all day. Others don’t perform up to our expectations during certain activities or don’t stretch enough for yoga. Our never ending search for the perfect (and most comfy) tight ended with the Transit Tight.

These tights are as comfy as any yoga tights we’ve ever worn and we often find ourselves dressing them up for an evening out so we don’t have to take them off! As with any product, we knew that we loved these tights but wondered how it would be received by our community.

The Transit Tights make the perfect yoga tight, but can also bed worn dressed up. Shown here with our popular Vita Sweater. Stonewear Transit Yoga Tights

After a few months of wear, we asked our trusted ambassadors what pieces from the fall 2016 line surpassed their expectations. The unanimous answer was the Transit Tight. Here are their takes on our new favorite yoga tight:

I’m in love with the Transit Tights. They are super comfy fabric, and perfect for all my yoga needs. Most yoga tights feel constricting and I just want to get out of them as soon as I’m done practicing or teaching. Or they are soft and comfy but lack performance. These are a great balance of both, so I’m already constantly wearing them, at home, on road trips, for yoga. – Paisley Close (IG: paisleyanneyoga)

These are the cutest and comfiest yoga tights I’ve ever owned. I get complimented and asked about them all the time. – Georgie Abel (IG: gleeabel)

Stonewear Transit Tight Stonewear Transit Tight

I really didn’t think I was going to love them, but simply use them as leggings for a longer piece. I wear them when I travel on planes and long car rides. I also wear them under my long tops like the Baha Tunic. Soft and comfortable, travels well, very versatile. – Valarie Anderson (IG: valarietes)

When I tried these on I knew they would be my favorite fall/winter leggings. They are the perfect combination of athletic fit and sweatpant comfort. The fabric is great to lounge around in, and I can still jump up out of bed and work out. – Natalie Duran (IG: ninja_natalie)

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