The Perfect Women’s Hiking Pant: Rockin’ Pant

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The Perfect Women’s Hiking Pant

By Amanda Renner

It’s hard to feminize women’s hiking pants without sacrificing practicality, but with the Rockin’ Pant, Stonewear Designs proves it’s possible.

Because of the variety of activities I participate in, it’s hard for me to find a pant that works across the board.  When I do find a pair that fits the bill they usually end up disappointing me in quality and performance.

women's hiking pants

After searching high and low (and mostly on the Internet) I came across Stonewear Designs’ Rockin’ Pant.  Its simplicity is what I was initially attracted to and consequently what I fell in love with most when wearing them.

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Typical hiking pants come with a standard four to five pockets, which in my opinion is about four to five too many for a pair of pants you know you’ll

be moving in.  They add bulk and when in use only weigh you down. The Rockin’ Pant has one nicely concealed cargo pocket that is perfect for lip balm, a car key, and a spare hair tie, which, for me,  is the most any pant should be able to accommodate.

women's hiking pants

Unlike the industry standard, the Rockin’ Pant’s waistband is zipper-, button- and drawstring-free, drastically reducing the amount of hip chaffing that happens when schlepping a 40-pound pack around in the wilderness.  This yoga-pant like feature makes them comfortable on the trail and around the campfire.

The fit and stretch of the fabric is everything I look for in a pair of active pants. Snug enough to still accentuate what my mama gave me, but loose enough in the legs that I can hike, climb, or strike yoga poses in them with minimum restriction. Their slight flare pairs great with hiking boots and sandals alike.

women's hiking pants

I did a good amount of hiking in the rain in them and was pleasantly surprised at just how well they wicked moisture while still keeping me warm in the damp conditions. Although these pants are suited more for chilly and cold weather activities, they are also available in capri length for warmer temps.

Whether you pick ‘em up in Black, Mink, or Kale you can’t go wrong when rocking the Rockin’ Pant.

Still unsure if these are the pants for you? Feel free to leave questions below or follow up with me on Twitter @venicerenner!

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