The Pretty Electra has Much to Offer

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Stonewear Electra Top TamiElectra Tank review by Ambassador Tami Mittan
The Electra Tank is that quiet, pretty girl who sits in the corner and gets straight A’s.  She’s not a starting guard on the basketball team (like the Double Cross Top). She’s not the Homecoming Queen (like the Lyra Top).  But those who are fortunate enough to take a closer look at this mysterious beauty, and get to know her… will quickly discover she is amazing, and has much to offer this world!


I recently received my very first Electra Tank, and it instantly became one of my favorite Stonewear pieces.  The cute, square cut neckline gives you plenty of room to stay cool, while also offering modest coverage. I particularly love the fit, how the top portion hugs you just right. This allows you to take advantage of the inner floating bra so that you can use this as a workout top.  And with the bottom part of the shirt being slightly looser, you have a margin of give through the middle. It’s a fantastic design–extremely comfortable with a flattering fit.  The 23’ length is perfect, and hits your hips at just the right place.

While Stonewear Designs offers a great variety of active tops with unique and fun back designs, the Electra Tank offers a more conservative, fully covered back–while still leaving you with plenty of range of motion and freedom. Because of this, I think it’s fantastically versatile, and I’ve found that I can really wear it for anything.

Since hiking is my favorite activity, I need to point out that the Electra Tank is also well suited to wear along with a backpack.  The shoulders are wide enough for your pack straps to lay against, and your back is also completely and smoothly covered–preventing any chaffing from your pack (or sunburn!).  Add that fantastic Dryflex fabric to wick away moisture, dry quickly, and keep you cool and you’ve got yourself an excellent hiking top.

On the day this photo was taken, I was hoping to sneak away from work early and go for a Spring hike with my friends. Should I bring along some hiking clothes, and try to find a place to change? No need! I wore the Electra Tank (with Rockin Capris and Jacket) right to the office, only with different shoes. It easily translates to business casual attire, while leaving you ready to go outside and immediately play in your also activewear Stonewear!

So get to know that pretty Electra Tank. I guarantee you’re going to love her.

Check out the Electra Tank on our website.

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