The Tulip Dress in 24 Hours: Review on the Tulip Dress

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From Puerto Rico to New York City, YogaSlacker Adi Carter makes good use of her new Tulip Dress:

True to Slacker form, after 4 months living in Puerto Rico we ended up shooting the latest Redefining Balance YogaSlackers slackline video on the last day before I had to leave on a 5 p.m. flight.  So amidst packing surf boards, climbing gear, slacklines, cleaning my apartment, and checking out tree houses that I might live in one day, I also ran around trying to say goodbyes and spend time with friends.  Needless to say, shooting video was just another fun challenge to add to the mix.

Fortunately, my Stonewear Design’s Tulip Dress arrived the day before, and was perfectly timed for the occasion. I wore the super comfy and stylish dress for the interview and the outtakes of the “inappropriate YogaSlacker” with my good friend, Sinton Vignos.

The dress was awesome and super comfy for slacklining, moving around, and sitting still on the cliff for the interview (it didn’t bunch up the way some dresses do when you sit down on the ground).  And the best part was that I forgot a change of clothes, so I also wore the dress for our last sunset meditation practice with friends on the beach.

And then there was the rather fancy end-of-season La Paz teacher party at the wine cellar for the yoga studio where I taught. All of the yoga teachers put on “real clothes” and sat around sipping wine and eating delicious food. Thankfully, I also dressed for the chill wine bar environment, and no one would have guessed I was wearing the same dress I also wore slacklining just a couple hours prior.

After the dinner party we went upstairs for one last going away dance party at a rooftop restaurant that sat above the palm trees with beautiful décor and delicious Thai food. I put the Tulip Dress to the test, and it stayed in place perfectly through all sorts of beats and rhythms, from hip hop to Reggae to my personal favorite—and source of the greatest dance moves ever—80s throwback.

By midnight we were wiped out and realized we had to leave for the airport in 3 hours. Since most of my clothes were stuffed around my surf board already, I just kept the dress on while I packed, and then got a quick hour of sleep in it before having to load the bags and jet to the airport. I threw a pair of leggings on underneath it for the flight so that I didn’t get too cold on the plane (or from the shock of returning to NYC weather). I was so happy to have something stretchy and comfortable to wear as I forced my tired body to drag my board bag to the airline counter. It turned out that my board bag weighed 118 lbs (since I also packed my slacklines, climbing gear, and entire life in there). So this brings me to the only downfall of the dress; apparently it was not enough to get me through bag check with an overweight bag!

I’ve heard stories of girls flirting their way through all sorts of situations, and honestly, I feel like this would be the dress to do that in. However, the woman at bag check had other plans in mind. Still, we managed to convince the flight attendants to give each of us our own row, as the front of the plane was pretty empty. I think they took one look at our sweaty bodies and probably smelled us too and said, “OK.”  So as I stretched out across an entire row I looked down at my dress and wondered how on earth it still looked so clean and unwrinkled after the ringer of a workout that I put it through. I think it was the good luck charm that not only got me on the plane, but also ensured that all my stuff arrived in NYC in one piece, especially my board!

Needless to say it was just another typical day in the life of a YogaSlacker.

Check out the full photo album of Adi doing yoga on the slackline on our Facebook page.

-Adi Carter

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