Tips to Staying Fit during the Fall Season

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It’s that time of the year when workout routines start to get a little “cold weather” make-over as we prepare for the weather changing. By the end of summer, I am always ready for some cooler temperatures and long sleeves again. However, I also admit that the decreasing amount of sunlight coupled with cold requires a lot more effort from me to actually get out and get some sweat-time in. But that “me-time” is more necessary than ever as I juggle my three young kids, homeschooling and managing everyone inside a little more (which seems to require a lot more effort). No matter what your day entails – good physical health translates into good mental health too.

Here’s some tips to survive the transition:
• Set an alarm. Even though it is dark in the morning, doesn’t mean that you need to necessarily sleep in. While it feels great at the moment, in the long run going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time every day AND getting in a workout before the day starts is the most beneficial decision.
• Dress in layers. Don’t be caught off guard with cooling temperatures and not the right gear. Choose fabrics that wick and layers to peel off as you get warmed up.
• Invest in a good headlamp if you are going outside. You’ll be able to see what’s ahead of you AND it’s for others to be able to safely see you too.
• Try something new this winter. Pick up some snowshoes or skis at a Ski Swap. This is the time of the year they are happening and it’s a great way to get a killer deal.
• Indoor workouts can be done in your own living room. Carve some time and space away so it happens without interruptions.
• Mix it up. Don’t want to run in the dark? Do a couple days at lunchtime or in the evening and a couple early mornings. Variety is key to avoiding burn-out.

No matter what you do, just getting out and getting your heart pumping is the difference between a rough winter and a happy one!

By Amelia Mayer, Ambassador for Stonewear Designs
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