Training Tips: When Life Twists + Turns

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Training Tips for When Life Twists and Turns by Erica Lineberry

Training tips for pregnancy
Projecting at the New River Gorge BEFORE pregnancy

In a perfect world, life moves according to schedule. Our plans, bodies and the weather always cooperate to ensure we have plenty of time to get enough exercise and good nutrition.  But of course, life isn’t life without twists and turns along the way. Some of these twists are planned, such as a relocation, job change or pregnancy.  Other times, these turns occur when we least expect them– an injury, sickness, or even a trend of crappy weather that throws off your marathon training. My life took an exciting twist this summer when I realized I was pregnant with my second child!  Since then, I’ve continued with the activities I love as much as I can – namely rock climbing, running, hiking and biking. But as my growing baby has changed my body, my workout routines (and expectations) have changed as well.  The following are a few things I’ve been telling myself that have helped me stick with it during this period of “body limbo.” Perhaps they might bring a fresh perspective for anyone else going through a major twist or turn as well!

  1. Look at the big picture. Though at times it feels like an eternity, pregnancy only lasts for nine months, and then my body will be my own again. While there’s no reason I can’t stay active, my biggest job right now is to provide a healthy environment in which my baby can develop. For the person that is settling in to a new work schedule, the big picture might be that you’re taking a big step up in your career.
  2. Listen to your body. C reminding myself of the previous mantra makes a lot of decisions no-brainers.  For example, if sleep seems to beckon more than getting up for an early morning run, staying in bed might be the wiser decision. For someone with a bum shoulder, some time off from climbing might be in order, maybe in exchange for a beautiful fall hike.
  3. Don’t get tunnel vision. Regardless of what type of life change you are in the midst of, don’t get caught up with negatives–a skipped workout or an over indulgent meal. Focus on the negative and that sort of behavior will keep piling up. Just because you slacked off on your cardio for a couple of weeks after moving across the country doesn’t mean that you can’t start fresh and go out for a jog tomorrow morning.
  4. Do what you can. Having restricted myself to top-roping only after my first trimester, I can’t go out to work on my latest project and take whipper after whipper every weekend.  Heck, I can’t even hike uphill with my toddler on my back without getting winded…But I CAN hike into the crag at my own pace, and toprope whatever routes I feel up for.  Sometimes that means I can still climb 5.12, other times it means I’m getting pumped on the warm-up. But regardless of the numbers, I’m still out climbing and having fun with my friends and family, so that’s what I’m choosing to focus on.  No matter what you CAN’T do, there will always be plenty of things that you CAN do!
  5. Love yourself for who you are. You may be in a stage of life where you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Or you may be frustrated at what you have/haven’t done with your life at this point in the game.  But the best way to start a change is by learning to love the person you are right now–not the person you were in college, or the person you hope to be in five years, but the person looking back at you in your bathroom mirror. Start treating that person the way you want others to treat you. For me that means embracing my newfound curves and softness. For someone else it may mean viewing a so-called “poor decision” as a learning experience.

What twists and turns have you been able to work through and come out on the other side?  What mantras helped keep you healthy and active throughout a difficult journey?

training tips pregnancy
Enjoying a relaxing day of top-roping at the New River Gorge at 13 weeks.

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