Travel Light, Travel Right this Mother’s Day

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The Sojourn Jacket & Pants

[Pinterest] Are you visiting your mom this Mother’s Day? If your trips are anything like mine, they entail hours of travel, nights at the theatre, visits to museums, and dinner parties, plus the personal trail runs or gym workouts I manage to squeeze in between socializing. The crux of my trip is always how to pack the various styles of clothes I need. I can still borrow my mom’s shoes and jewelry, but our clothing preferences diverged long ago.

In order to get a definitive answer for my quandary (and to provide you with some tips & tricks), I researched the subject online and stopped by the Stonewear Designs offices to ask President Kitty Bradley for advice. After working in the clothing industry for decades, first at Nike and now at Stonewear, and serving as a high-level judge in the world of dog agility, Kitty knows a lot about the ideal travel clothes.

“The key thing is to pack clothes that are lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and designed to be layered for various outings,” Kitty says. High-tech, synthetic materials such as Stonewear’s polyester/spandex fabrics—Dryflex and Precis Stretch—dry quickly, wick moisture, are comfortable, and allow freedom of movement.

High-tech materials are also easier to clean. Kitty often spends three days judging dog agility. “I always pack two complete outfits. After a long day in the ring I can go back to the hotel, put a washcloth to the Rockin’ Pant and get all the dust off. Or, if the washcloth won’t do the trick, I can give them a quick wash, and they’ll be dry by morning.”

If you and mom travel to far-flung regions then easy-to-clean clothes can also save you money. How many times have you had your hotel charge you $40 for cleaning, only to have your bras stretched out or imprints of hot irons on your blouses? And just try to find a Laundromat in La Paz, Bolivia. “¿Dónde está la lavandería automática?”

But it’s not just about the materials, Kitty adds. “The key to packing well for a trip is matching styles and colors. All of your clothes should be in the same color family. If it all goes together, you can mix and match things throughout the day.”

So, what am I going to bring on my next trip to see mom? I’ll bring my Dryflex Double Cross Top, which is sporty enough to be worn with my Hot Yoga Shorts for a quick workout and elegant enough to be layered under something like my new favorite piece—my black, wrinkle-free/easy-care Sojourn Jacket. And, I think I’ll bring something special home for mom, too. She just told me she’d love the Skipper Skort for summering at her lake house. Happy Mother’s Day!

Tips & Tricks: Bring your own laundry aids with you, such as soap packets, spot remover, and a laundry line. Kneading your garments in the sink may take 15 minutes, but that will actually save you hours of trying to find a Laundromat and $20-$40 that the hotel would charge you.

PS. Thanks to Cheryl for her nice blog comment: “I wear Stonewear yoga pants and LOVE them. I bought several extras, still in their packaging, just waiting to be worn. I’m in my 50′s and the fit for my comfort is perfect, not too low in the front or back! I also wear them when traveling and want to look nice and be comfortable, especially on those long plane rides. Thank you for a yoga pant made for me. More colors please!”

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