Tuesday’s Ten Tidbits: Staying Motivated in the Winter (Indoor Workouts)

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This week’s tidbits come from all of our Ambassadors, Grassroots Team Members, and other friends of Stonewear.

Aimee Roseborrough with her home fitness equipment.

As raging winds, flying snow, and short days approach, we need to find other things to do besides rock climb, kayak, and spend all of our leisure time in the great outdoors. So, we get more creative when it gets cold. This week we asked each of our Team Members to offer us one or two tips on how they stay motivated through the winter indoors. Next week we’ll check out what they do to stay motivated outdoors

  1. Try workout videos: When you’re cozied up with hot cocoa by a warm fire and enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland from a distance, the cold weather feels fabulous. But if you have to scrape off your car and face the icy roads to get to the gym, your appreciation for the snow might disappear. Stock up on a few good fitness DVDs for those stay-at-home days. Keep your eyes peeled for videos that require little or no equipment, or search Hulu.com or YouTube for some great workouts. Whether it’s weight training, kick boxing, or yoga that gets you going, it helps to have something quick and easy on hand. There are a great variety of videos out there, and most of them cater to different fitness levels. –Beth Nobles, Ambassador
  2. Hit the gym: For everyone who is an ‘outside junkie,’ go see what’s inside the gym you pay for every month. Find a new class, morning or evening, and commit to it for 3 classes. By the 4th you should be hooked! If you’re not, I suggest trying SKI FIT (even if you don’t ski. I don’t!) It is a total butt kicker, and you will love it! Trust me on that one. –Mychele Lepinsky, Ambassador
  3. Be prepared: If you do work out at the gym, pack workout clothes the night before so you can head straight to the gym after work. If you’re a morning person, sleep in your workout clothes so you can just roll out of bed and throw some shoes on. If you’re a morning person, sleep in your workout clothes so you can just roll out of bed and throw some shoes on. There will be no time to talk yourself out of it. –Jeline Guiles, Grassroots Team
  4. 15 minutes of fun: Plan a time of the day EVERY day that you go and challenge yourself to even just 15 minutes.  This could mean a quick yoga session in the living room, jumping rope in the basement, or just doing 150 sit-ups and 50 pushups every morning before you start work. The results can be startling.  –Amelia Mayer, Ambassador
  5. Have exercise equipment at your house, especially if you have kids.  You can always bust out a few reps in between cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids. –Aimee Roseborrough,
  6. Stationary trainers: Set your stationary bike up once the cold weather hits, and enjoy a ride inside. Time your workouts out for when your favorite TV show is on and bike in front of the TV for that hour. Or head to the gym at Primetime and tune in while doing your cardio. –JJ Levy, friend of Stonewear
  7. Multi-tasking moves: Between the cooking, parties, and gift-wrapping, you might be short on time and motivation. Get in some calf raises while you do your hair, jump rope for two minutes while the microwave is going, do sit-ups during half-time, and crank out 100 jumping jacks before you leave the house. You’ll give yourself more energy, and the endorphins from the quick bursts of exercise might just motivate you to take some time for a longer workout session. –Eve Hersh, friend of Stonewear
  8. Try something new – Mix it up, so the change of seasons doesn’t get you down! When the cold dark mornings make the gym seem less appealing, would trying something new like swimming or taking a different class, be a fresh and fun challenge to help get you out the door? –Tami Mittan, Grassroots Team
  9. Connect with friends: Try and reconnect with a friend you haven’t seen for a while, and make a plan to hit the
    Melissa Myers Love (Grassroots Team) and Lizzy Scully (Stonewear Designs Editor), with Melissa’s son, Theo.

    climbing gym or take a Nia or dance class together. –Melissa Love, Grassroots Team

  10. Musical motivation: One of my absolute favorite things to do is put some Zumba or Lady Gaga on the iPod and dance around my living room or on the front patio if the sun is shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Luckily I live facing a wildlife refuge, so no one can see me! –Lizzy Scully

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