Tuesday's Ten Tidbits: Staying Motivated in the Winter (Outdoor Workouts)

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This week’s tidbits come from our Ambassadors and Grassroots Team Members. As raging winds, flying snow, and short days approach, we need to find other things to do besides rock climb, kayak, and spend all of our leisure time in the great outdoors. So what do we do? Get more creative as it gets colder. This week we asked our Team Members to offer us one or two tips on how they stay motivated through the winter. This is what they told us:

1. Go ahead and invest in the best winter gear you can afford. It will help you get your whole family outside.   If you’ve got active layering options and some warm fitness gear, you’ll be more likely to take those outdoor walks or runs even when the temperatures start to drop.Cute gear is good, too (especially if it gets you out the door just to wear it)! –Amelia Mayer, Stonewear Designs Ambassador

2. Play in the snow. Who says building snowmen and going sledding is just for the kiddos? Gather a group of gals, channel your inner snow bunny, and spend a snowy day playing outside. You won’t even know you’re exercising–but you’ll definitely get your heart rate up and break a sweat. Last time I checked, running up a wet hill with a sled is as good a workout as any! -Eve Hersh, friend of Stonewear


3. Create a winter fitness challenge with your friends. Get your friends to agree to log a certain amount of time exercising, and enjoy the friendly competition. Maybe the friend who logs the most minutes of exercise by the end of a the month gets a fun gift gratis of the other gals, like a 30-day yoga pass or massage gift certificate. -Lizzy Scully, Stonewear Designs editor

4. Make plans with a pal. Instead of meeting for drinks or dinner, meet for a climbing session, go snowshoeing, or go for a walk with an old girlfriend.

5. Remind yourself to enjoy the seasons! Instead of dreading the cold, embrace the activities that the changing seasons have to offer. Enjoy the colors while you rake up your leaves, go ice skating at your local outdoor rink, or bundle up and go for a nature walk with a thermos of hot tea in hand. JJ Levy, friend of Stonewear

6. Plan weekend trips, try new things. Get a friend to go for a weekend ski or snowshoe trip. And try something new while you’re away like cross country skiing or ice fishing. Who knows, you might find your new obsession! -Cassie Strid, Stonewear Designs Customer Care Representative

7. Use your imagination. While we don’t get much snow out here in Far West Texas, when I’m running in the cold, I imagine myself snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, or slogging through an epic snowstorm. The contrast between my image of wintry weather and our sunny (but still chilly) weather reminds me I’ve got it EASY and it helps me stick it out. –Beth Nobles, Stonewear Designs Ambassador

Stonewear Designs Ambassador Amelia Mayer

8. Buy a ski pass. Investing in a pass will motivate you to get your money’s worth. Even if you’re not an avid skier you can still wax those skis, throw on a warm top, and venture out onto the slopes. Even if you stick to the bunny hill, you’ll get your blood pumping and enjoy the best views the mountains have to offer. And if you want to condition yourself for the those ski weekends, try a ski fit class at your gym. –Mychele Lepinsky, Stonewear Designs Ambassador

9. Treat yourself.  Give yourself some relaxation time after your chilly workouts. Knowing that you’ll have some cozy downtime after you brave the cold will keep you going.  Enjoy some time in your gym’s steam room, sip a hot drink by the fire, or soothe your sore muscles with a bubble bath.

10. Don’t be afraid to laugh. When I get out on the trail for a run or a hike, I use the mantra, “I laugh at the cold, I laugh at the cold” and sometimes let out a maniacal laugh like a crazy person!  The absurdity of it all keeps me going.-Beth Nobles, Stonewear Designs Ambassador

Tell us, how do you stay motivated during the winter months?


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