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If you’re reading this you are likely a mom, full-time worker, business owner, high-powered executive or otherwise motivated, busy woman. But, you are a busy woman who dreams big and stays fit, right? That’s why you are part of the Stonewear Community. We offer you clothes that make your life easier and subsequently more fun. Now we are offering you information that makes your life more fun.

In honor of us—wise women in our 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond—Stonewear Designs developed the Live Stonewear! Blog and accompanying E-newsletter. We based our layout on what you asked for in the What Women Want Survey (read the results here). Since 50% of you enjoy inspirational stories about remarkable things women do, we created our Discover department to highlight all things amazing. Because 40% of you love reading about other women, we will publish feature profile videos and articles in our Shine department. We also offer community news in our Shout department, answers to all your technical questions in our Ask department, and a look behind the scenes in our editorial Voice department. And because 50% of you love to read fitness tips, we will broadcast those daily via our Twitter page.

In this, our first issue, be inspired by a story about Stonewear’s blog editor overcoming arthritis to trail run again in “Flo-Jo Mojo.” And check out our first multi-media profile, “What She Actually Does” on 48-year-old Tonya Clement, who summited Everest and started a nonprofit. Or, find out how to best maintain your black clothes, see photos from the Red Rock Rendezvous, or discover how Stonewear supports the fight against ovarian cancer at the HERA Climb4Life events. We hope you enjoy Live Stonewear! Welcome to our community.

-Lizzy Scully


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