What We’re Wearing: Venus Dress

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I love living in California because of its fantastic weather! Winter is gentle with a long period of cool, and a short period of cold. It can be tricky for me to dress for an all day outing when the sun shines warm into the afternoon and the temps cool quickly in the evenings.

Dress Courtyard
Sporting the Venus Dress on a recent trip to Spain

The Venus Dress is a delightful addition to my fall and winter wardrobe this year. The look and the feel of the mini stripe fabric is fantastic in all the colors. I chose Jelly for its vibrant energy that it gives me. During the day this sporty dress looks great out-and-about town as I run my daily errands for my business and personal life. My favorite features is the thumb hole sleeves. I adore thumb holes because they keep me warm, and they roll well with a cute cuff look. A simple pair of flats, or even sandals in true California winter style, go well with this dress.

In the evenings as it cools I can toss on a pair of leggings and match with my favorite tall leather boots for a sophisticated dinner date night with my husband. A simple scarf adds warmth to the feminine V neck. This dress is so easy to accessories for the occasion, and allows the athlete in me to feel comfortable and flattering all at the same time.

This item is a win in my books because it makes my busy life easier, and way cuter. I completely agree with the sporty and flattering description, as well as the fact that this dress travels well. It recently went with me on a two and a half week trip to Spain for climbing and tourism. During the day I walked the local towns to shop and explore, and in the evenings I enjoyed wine and tapas for dinner with great company. I know you will enjoy this dress and much as I do!

About Valarie Anderson:

Valarie Anderson is a climber, runner, and climbing gym owner from Silverado, California.

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