What Women Want Survey Results

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Congratulations to Rina Coury, the winner of the What Women Want Survey! Here are some of the results. Have questions? Post them on our Facebook page.

Prior to launching our LiveStonewear! blog, accompanying E-newsletter, and our social media platforms, we wanted to get an idea of where women in our market got their news, what sorts of articles they enjoy reading, and who inspires them. We received 260 responses (Thanks ladies!). Additionally, we asked our friends and family members and posted notes on our LinkedIn groups. We compiled that information and subsequently developed our blog and e-news based on the results. Below is a summary of the most relevant information. We hope you find it as useful as we did!

We discovered that most women who answered the survey were between the ages of 45-55 (37%), but that we still have plenty of female fans in the age ranges 35-45 (22%) and 55-65 (22%). 13% of our respondents were 25-35, and 5% were 65+ (question #6).

We received a plethora of great responses about who inspires you (question #3).  We wish we could share them all with you! Here are some of our favorites:

  • “Stay-at-home moms who are very active in their communities and Western medical professionals who embrace Eastern and alternative medicine and promote integrative medicine are the people who inspire me.”
  • “People who overcome great odds, pain, poverty,  abuse, and keep smiling and trying hard to live a productive life.”
  • “People who work tirelessly for change. Putting their energy into what they believe to improve lives.”
  • “Open minded people who try to experience as much of the world as possible.”
  • “People who overcome adversity with grace.”
  • “People who have awakenings at any age.”
  • “Athletes who are broad-minded and successful across different aspects of life (family, career, spirituality, etc.) in addition to their passion for climbing, skiing, biking, yoga, etc.”
  • “Men and women who have managed to be successful by being themselves and staying true to their passions and aesthetics.”
  • “Strong women and men who live their lives with compassion, justice, and love.”
  • “People who aspire to live healthy lifestyles and treat their bodies with great respect.”

The most popular answers were: Oprah, my mother, my daughter, my husband, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and yoga teachers, female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Really, one woman summed it up for us when she wrote: “Women that are out getting after it. Period.”

We can’t include all the information from the survey, but we hope you enjoy this taste. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. We appreciate your input and plan to incorporate it into our work with the blog, social media, and enewsletter.

#1 Where do you get most of your news or information?  We received various “other” answers as well. 84 of you indicated that you get most of your news from TV and radio. A few people also get their news from other people, such as a yoga teacher or friend.

#2 What types of articles do you most like to read? Most of you answered “fitness” articles, which is why we will regularly post links to fitness articles on our Twitter page and occasionally on the LiveStonewear! blog as well.

#4 Which social media sites do you use to connect with your community? Unsurprisingly, most of you use Facebook. Many of you said you use no social media sites, or you primarily use email.

Our question #5, “Is there anything we’re not asking you that you want to share with us?” elicited a wide variety of responses from suggestions for clothing styles to exclamations of support for the brand to statements such as, “I don’t use social media sites because I feel they are invasive!”

Thanks to the woman who wrote: “Do I love my Stonewear designs clothing?  YES!”

We also appreciate your thoughtful suggestions, such as: “You might ask something about how we use Stonewear Designs to choose your marketing strategy.  I wear them for working out and yoga, not so much for street clothes, and never rock climbing (although that makes for pretty ad pictures),” and this (the editor’s favorite): “I get really tired of the media & socialization in our country that ties everything to age- you’re too young, too old, amazing for your age etc.  It seems we can’t even hear a story until it is qualified by age; ex. Cyclist, 35 hit by a car… Would he be any less hit if he were 25 or 45? Castenada suggests we erase personal history, judge the now.”

Some other good quotes/suggestions:

  • “What is your lifestyle like right now, and is there anything that you would like to improve/modify?
  • “There are a lot of us baby boomers.  We need clothing that fits but can be used for activities such as yoga, hiking, etc.  These skimpy little pants with 2 inch zippers just do not work for older body types.  There are many of us who do yoga, exercise, hike, etc.  Also, good reliable info on aging.”
  • “I stumbled upon Stonewear Designs and I must say that I LOVE climbing in my Rockin pants!  I plan to add more Stonewear Designs attire to my climbing/workout gear in the near future.”
  • “The most important considerations for choosing your product are: Made in the USA by real people, use organic cotton, give back to the ovarian cancer cause. Your models are real women with real women bodies!”
  • “I know social media is very important but it isn’t the only way people in their 40’s &  50’s and on up connect with the world.”
  • “I’m wary of “what women want.” Some women might say they want more support for women, more women to climb or run with. But plenty of the guys I climb with have been better, more supportive partners than the women. And I’m not a great partner myself! So what I want is to be a better partner for my gal pals, especially the ones who cry a lot.”

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