Why do you run?

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running clothesWe took to Twitter to ask you, why do you run? This is what our followers said. What about you? Do you run for the love of running or for another reason?

@AColoradoGal said: @Stonewear I #run because I love it. Granted, I burn out from time to time, but always start itching to get back on the trails!

@NattieRuns said: @Stonewear I run for my health and because I love it.

@NattieRuns said: @Stonewear I wanted to lose the remaining baby weight I was carrying.)

How do you keep the psych high for running? What do you do when it goes away?

@NattieRuns said: @Stonewear I download a new playlist. I also think back to why I started running in the first place.

@Blkjkrabbit66 said: @Stonewear Getting back your #psych high for running – I like driving somewhere different – new scenery does it for me#runchat

@AColoradoGal said: @Stonewear I just went through a 6-month burnout period & I just found other ways to stay active. I knew the love for the sport would return

What about your first race outside of those elementary school ones?

@AColoradoGal said: @Stonewear Oh jeez, no idea! The first BIG one that I remember was my first half marathon in June, 2008. It hooked me 🙂

 @NattieRuns said: @Stonewear Baltimore half marathon was my first race.

@Cragmama said: @Stonewear In HS I ran a 5K w my mom and was mortified that she beat me 😉 Ever since then I’ve been a pretty consistent runner!

Tell us on Twitter, why do you run? How do you motivate yourself? And check out our motivational running tips and posts from our gals about their first-ever races here and here.

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