Winter Activewear: Lola Hoody Will Satisfy Your Checklist

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Activewear hoody with thumbholes yoga running workout
Tami’s wearing the Lola Hoody in our Fall Leaves print.
Lola Hoody Will Satisfy Your Checklist

by Tami Mittan

Extremely lightweight, so it fits effortlessly into your ready-for-anything-bag?  Check.

Luxuriously soft, so it’s always a cozy pleasure to slip on?  Check.

Roomy enough to slip on as a second layer, with the fabric draping nicely?  Check.

Versatile enough to be worn with anything from workout capris to a sassy skirt for work?  Check.

Flattering style, so you feel as confident as you do comfortable?  Check.

Congratulations!  You’ve just found yourself the perfect pullover:  Stonewear’s Lola Hoody.

Stonewear Designs has released a great selection of long sleeve top and hoody options this Fall, but be sure you consider the Lola Hoody closely before making your final selections.

You can’t help but love this new “ubersoft performance jersey” material they’ve used this season.  It will take the chill off of your arms, yet truly is feather weight.  This makes it perfect to take along as that just-in-case layer, and I’ve found myself grabbing one daily to throw into my purse or tote bag.  It takes up almost no room at all, doesn’t appear to wrinkle, and I’m repeatedly happy to have it along.

I’m on the tall side, but the sleeve length is quite generous to allow for another cool feature – thumbholes.  Because of the sleek fit and lightweight fabric, the Lola Hoody also makes a great candidate for layering under a warmer piece, once those temperatures drop. It hasn’t been cold enough yet for me to test this out, but thumbholes will come in handy once I start wearing it as a base layer. And with how soft it is, you’re definitely going to give it some wear time as a base layer.

The only trouble you’re going to have with your new Lola Hoody is trying to decide on which one you like best! Whether you are passionate about earthy patterns, or prefer striking statements with solids, there are six gorgeous options to choose from.

This is a great piece that can be worn for many purposes, and it gets my vote for one of the best overall tops for the Fall 2013 season. Check out the Lola Hoody for yourself. I know you’ll love it, too.

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