Winter Fitness Tips: Get Outside and Play!

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Winter is my favorite season.  I love the smell of snow, how it feels to sweat through the cold temperatures, and that sound of strapping skis (and snowshoes and running shoes) on my feet.

While I always encourage people not to limit themselves to just one activity, the biggest tip I can give is to embrace winter and to welcome the cold. Layer up, get out, try something new, and sweat a little! Here are five tips for getting your winter fitness on:

1. Go sledding! Hauling your kids/sleds/self UP the hill is hard work. You’ll be working plenty of muscles (including the ones that make you smile because it is so fun!).

2. Get yourself a pair of snowshoes. You can often find them at gear consignment shops. Strap ’em on and revisit your favorite hiking spots in the winter. The sights and the workout will be breathtaking.

3. Go skiing.  Don’t know how?  Rent a pair of skis at your local gear shop and head out for the day. It takes some practice to span out the balancing, but if you can walk, you can ski. Need more of a challenge? Pick up skate skiing. The aerobic benefits far outweigh other activities–even running–as you work completely different muscles.

4. Just play. Build a snow fort with your kids, go on a walk in deep snow, make snow angels, chase your kids around in a game of snow tag. The extra gear you’re wearing and the extra effort it takes to move through snow is definitely a work out.

5. Try winter running. Invest in some running spikes (YakTrax and StabilICERS fit right over your shoes) and stop making excuses. It sure beats the treadmill!

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