Women’s Running Tank Review

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Tech Tip: Fit for Run -the new Space-Dye Performance Fabric

This spring, Stonewear Designs has introduced a unique, high performance fabric that fits as the perfect companion for your all of your runs. The new space-dye high-performance fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable.  This makes for the most ideal spring weather fabric for your favorite running tops. The space-dye brings a distinctive and appealing look that differentiates them from all of your other athletic tops.

This high performance fabric comes in three new tops for the Spring 2014 season; Tango Tank, Turbo Top and Velocity Tee. They have a sleek and flattering fit that allows your focus to only be on finishing the run in the quickest time possible. These silky, breathable, and moisture wicking tops feel great on and keep you dry during your hardest runs.

Turbo Tank Review by Cassie Strid:

I tested out the new Turbo Tank to see how high performing the new space-dye fabric really was for my long trail runs in the high mountain summer weather. I risked the chance and took it for a 4-hour long trail run behind Vail, Colo. This top outlasted any of my other running tops. It wicked away the moisture quickly enough to so that the cool mountain breeze didn’t give me chills.

running shirt space-dye
Go girl!

The Turbo Tank is incredibly comfortable–no chafing or rubbing in weird places. Not only is it breathable and moisture wicking, it’s so silky smooth that I felt completely comfortable and realized my body temperature was never an issue during my 4-hour long trail run. The only real concern I had was if I would make it down the mountain in one piece. Between the high climbs, falling rocks and trail terrain, the last thing I needed to worry about was my clothing. The top makes me feel like a natural runner. The flattering fit of the Turbo didn’t grab in any of the wrong places, so despite the masses of sweat running down my face, I actually felt attractive in it.

women's running top
Cassie Strid rocking the Turbo Tank

If you’re looking for the Turbo’s best running mate, the Sprinter Capri is also made of high-performance moisture wicking fabric and offers a flattering compression fit that stays in place during your runs. There’s no need for adjustments with this great pair–the only focus lies on getting through that tough, but beautiful run.


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