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Yoga teacher training. Thanks to Nicole Howe Photography and Yoga Junction for this photo.
Yoga teacher training. Thanks to Nicole Howe Photography and Yoga Junction for this photo.

Yogi Teacher in Training by Cassie Strid

I was waiting for my home studio, Yoga Junction, to open a teacher training program. They offered their first program starting in September 2013 and ending in August of 2014, meeting one week of every month for fifteen hours. I finally worked up the courage, filled out the application, and pressed send. At that moment I knew I had made the right choice. I was thrilled about the journey that was ahead of me.I want to teach… Sure, yeah, I can teach yoga. How hard could it really be, right? I’ve always wanted to teach yoga—for many reasons. I want to expand my personal practice, but I also care about teaching and sharing with others one of my biggest passions. I wanted to have the tools and resources to deepen my practice and then turn it into something with which I can inspire others.

Cassie Yoga Post 3
Cassie, our in-house yogi model.

I always have wondered and now, more than ever, still wonder if I could actually be a yoga instructor. Do I really have what it takes to be a yoga teacher? Well, actually let me rephrase that, do I have what it takes to become a REALLY GOOD yoga instructor?

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Yoga teacher training with Yoga Junction

The lectures about the yoga anatomy, philosophy, chakras, bandas, scriptures, Upanishads made me realize there’s far more to yoga than I could even imagine. Every weekend I’m incredibly inspired–filled with joy and excitement, but also total fear that I will forget everything I just learned as soon as I walk out that door. My instructors at Yoga Junction blow me away each weekend. I feel slightly intimidated but very  proud to be working with such fantastic leaders.

It took me up until a few months ago to gain the courage to even teach friends and co-workers. I decided that after practicing at home with my teaching “yoga voice,” I could begin practicing my teaching on my friends. After a few sessions with my friends, I was surprised at how much more comfortable I was. It was easier than I expected, but I still realized I have a lot of practicing left to do.

This Wednesday, June 25, I will be co-teaching my first real class. Not just yoga in the backyard, living room or the empty office building with a co-worker or two. Yoga Junction hosts Yoga in the Park in Louisville, Colo. every Wednesday night during the summer. My wonderful mentor, Carey King, asked if I wanted to co-teach with her. So I will be splitting the class with her in front of 40-80 attendees. If that doesn’t get my feet wet I don’t know what will.

Come join Stonewear Designs, Yoga Junction, and Cassie at Memory Square Park in downtown Louisville on Wednesday, June 25 from 7-8pm. There will be lots of great Stonewear Designs discounted merchandise, and a $5 yoga led by a new instructor determined to provide an amazing class!

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